The Co-evaluation of Endometrial Edema and Uterus Inflammation after the “U-74389G” Effect on Uterine Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

Context: This study co-evaluated the 2 quoted histologic variables after the antioxidant lazaroid agent “U-74389G” (L) administration. Objective: The calculation was based on the results of 2 preliminary studies, each one evaluating a respective histologic variable of endometrial edema (EE) or uterus inflammation (UI) in an induced ischemia reperfusion (IR) animal experiment. Design: The 2 main experimental endpoints at which the EE and UI scores were evaluated was the reperfusion 60th min (for A & C groups) and the reperfusion 120th min (for B & D groups). Setting: The groups A and B were processed without drugs, whereas the groups C and D after L administration. Participants: Female Wistar Albino rats. Main outcome measures: The first preliminary study showed that L non significantly reduced the EE scores by the grade “without lesions” 0.1636364 ± 0.1839975 (p-value=0.3641). The other preliminary study showed that L significantly reduced the UI scores by the grade “without lesions” 0.3636364 ± 0.13840105 (p-value=0.0099). Result: Both studies were co-estimated since they belong to the same experimental setting. This study co-evaluated the combined diagnostic values of both variables together. Conclusion: L has a non-significant recessing potency for these histologic parameters at the “without lesions” grade 0.2636364 ± 0.14594051 (p-values=0.0698) since they were co-evaluated together.


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