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Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 6 https:/ Landscape Genomics and Signature Selection to Understand the Genetic Adaptation of Indigenous Cattle Filipa Sousa https:/ The features of the Tcells mediate immunity and correction of its disorders at patients with postoperative adhesions of the pelvic organs Sulima A https:/ Searching the connection between endometriosis and abortion Barbara Laranjeiro https:/ Endometriosis Unlocking age boundaries Mariana Robalo Cordeiro https:/ Endometriosis hidden behind menopause a new paradigm Mariana Robalo Cordeiro Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 7 https:/ Contraception During Perimenopause A Practical Guidance Giovanni Grandi https:/ The Problems with Crisis Pregnancy Centers Reviewing the Literature and Identifying New Directions for Future Research Jonas J Swartz https:/ The Rule of Law for the Exercise of Marriage and Reproductive Rights for Women with Intellectual Disabilities in China Zhengzong Huang https:/ Effect of Sex HormoneBinding Globulin on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Mechanisms Manifestations Genetics and Treatment Bing He https:/ Sex Disparities in Asthma Development and Clinical Outcomes Implications for Treatment Strategies Bright Nwaru Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 9 https:/ Why teach sexuality education in school Teacher discretion in implementing comprehensive sexuality education in rural Zambia Marte E S Haaland https:/ The access paradox abortion law policy and practice in Ethiopia Tanzaniaand Zambia Marte E S Haaland https:/ Health life and rights a discourse analysis of a hybrid abortion regime in Tanzania Karen Marie Moland https:/ An uneasy compromise strategies and dilemmas in realizing a permissive abortion law in Ethiopia Karen Marie Moland https:/ Reproductive health and the politics of abortion Astrid Blystad Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 10 https:/ Nutrition in Reproductive Health Nutritional Conditioning Factors during Pregnancy and Its Impact on Health Juan Miguel MartnezGaliano https:/ Infertility is a common condition affecting approximately 1020 of the reproductive age population Barnali Biswas https:/ Variation in Anti Mullerian Hormone Levels with Age in Women Accessing In Vitro Fertilization Services in Ghana Frederick Kwaku Addai https:/ Endocannabinoids and Reproduction Rosaria Meccariello https:/ Asexual Reproduction in Holothurians Igor Yu Dolmatov Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 5, Issue 1 https:/ Euro Womens Health 2020 for 3rd Annual Congress on Womens Health Wellness and Reproductive Medicine pBaojun Xup Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 2 https:/ PAPPA and AFP are Connected to the Placental Abruption pCharles Goodlep https:/ Neurological Complications Observed in AIDS Patients pVinam Parkp https:/ Stat Proteins Regulates Cytokine of Mammary Gland and Epithelial Cell Activities in Different Ways pVinam Parkp https:/ Restricting Proteins in Neurological Infection pHarriet Ryleyp https:/ Biological Process and Exercise in Female pSamy Gotliebp Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 4 https:/ The Ovarian Cancer and Menopausal Therapy Putting Risk into Context pAgha Cookp https:/ Syphilis Modernday Version of an Ancient Disease pLaura Fischerp https:/ Chromosome Abnormalities Beyond Traditional Karyotyping pSimon Parkp https:/ Concerns about Gynecology in Patients with Cloacal Abnormality pLaura Bravenderp https:/ Bariatric Surgery Complications occurs in Women in Modern Era pRichard Paulp Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 6 https:/ Ovarian Cancer is the Strongest Factor for Developing the Disease pAlice Serekap https:/ Older Men are a Heterogeneous Group Including both Heterosexual Males and MSM https:/ AfricanAmerican Men are Increasingly Concentrated in Urban Communities https:/ Knowledge about Childrenrsquos Health is Rapidly Expanding pPark Blunchp https:/ Histomorphological Modifications For Pregnancy And Breastfeeding pNancy Sonetp Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 1 https:/ Maternal mortality in Nigeria as a developing country pGilda Sp https:/ The Effects of Combine Oral Contraceptive Pills on Risk of Cardiovascular Disease pHaniye Ghasemof Juyomip https:/ AN EVALUATION OF EARLY INFANT DIAGNOSIS OF HIV AMONG INFANTS ATTENDING SELECTED LEVEL 4 AND LEVEL 5 HEALTH FACILITIES pBARSITO EMILY CHEMNGETICH RONOp https:/ Is lowintensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy more effective at improving IIEFEF score compared to traditional PDE5 inhibitor therapy in the treatment of men with vasogenic erectile dysfunction pJesus Ibarrap https:/ Factors associated with antenatal care visits in a Mekong Delta province in Vietnam the role of male partners a crosssectional studyTran pTran Thi Tuyet Ngap Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 2 https:/ A Investigating the Outcome of Surgery in Patients with Penile FractureHanieh pHanieh salehip https:/ Spontaneous Nephrocutaneous Fistula due to Xanthogranulomatous Pyelonephritis with Secondary Enterocutaneous Fistula A Rare pReza kazemip https:/ Lets see Lets talk Towards an Intelligent VR Platform for Training Professionals in DisabilitiesPablo pPablo Mazzap https:/ PLATELET RICH PLASMA AS A NOVEL METHOD FOR TREATING MELASMA pKashish Tyagip https:/ The impact of the online mindfulnessbased stress reduction MBSR program on sleepquality of nurses working in COVID19 care pAmirreza Allahgholipour Komlehp Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 3 https:/ How effective is the use of the elemental diet compared to corticosteroid therapy pSalaam motinp https:/ Does video games as a digital intervention improve depression and loneliness of elderly people pSamira Mohajerp https:/ Is Pandemic a Blessing in Disguise in Changing Trends in Indian Healthcare A Review pKS Srinivasa Raop https:/ Knowledge attitudes and practices of face mask utilization and associated factors in COVID19 pandemic among Wachemo University Students Southern Ethiopia A crosssectional study pAnoushka Khannap https:/ Save Lives The Application of Geographical Locationawareness Service in IranianPrehospital EMS Information Management System pSomayeh ABEDIANp Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 4 https:/ Congenital cervical atresia Fertility prognosis Achour Radhouane https:/ Predictors of therapeutic communication between nurses and admitted patients at Jimma University Specialized Hospital Jimma zone Ethiopia Robera Olana Fite https:/ Risky sexual behavior and factors associated with it among public and private secondary school students in Addis Ababa A crosssectional comparative study Abdusemed Mussa Ali https:/ Tuberculosis and female reproductive health Tanvi Tuteja https:/ Selfreported postpartum morbidity Prevalence and determinants among women in Marrakesh Morocco Elkhoudri Noureddine Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 5 https:/ Fertility sparing surgery in treatment of early stages of cervical cancer The new standard of care Aleksandar Stefanovic https:/ The immune modulating properties of the anticancer preparation NSC631570 Wassil Nowicky https:/ Joint assessment of Inhibin B follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone can predict sperm retrieval in fine needle aspiration for 306 patients with nonobstructive azoospermia Huang Xunbin https:/ Evening induction of labor trial Jessica Sember https:/ Contraception continuation rates in the under 18s Katie Lawton Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 3 https:/ Contraceptive Awareness and Prevalence Rates among Women in a Nigerian Abidoye Gbadegesin, Ayokunle Olumodeji, Yusuf Oshodi, Taiwo KuyeKuku, Haleema F Olalere Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 7, Issue 8 https:/ 9cis Retinoic Acid Promotes Lymphatic Regeneration and Prevents PostSurgical Lymphedema After Lymphatic Injury https:/ Affordable rural Telemedicine is not just for developing economies RoI matters everywhere https:/ HealthRelated Quality of Life and Associated Factors among Type 2Diabetic Adult Patients in Debre Markos Referral Hospital NorthwestEthiopia https:/ Present and Future Collaborative Drug Discovery Informatics Innovations https:/ Qulaity of Life After Reapir HepaticoJejunostomy for PostCholecysyectomy Bile Duct Injury Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 5 https:/ Reflections Work of the Counter Acting Agent against HPV in STDs pHyun Gyu Parkp https:/ Violence against Women and Youngsters pHolly G Atkinsonp https:/ Propelling Execution in Maternal and Infant Wellbeing Twenty Years of Involvement pJanet A Englundp https:/ Young Adult Endometriosis https:/ Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights A Matter of Life and Death Journal of Reproductive Health and Contraception Volume 6, Issue 1 https:/ Presentation and Intervention in Missing Copper T Thread in Reference to Timingof Insertion Pooja Rani, Alka Sehgal, Dilpreet Kaur Pandher, Bikramjit Singh Jafra https:/ Post Partum Contraception Awareness and Willingness to Use by Antenatal Attendees in A Third Level Health Facility Nigeria Oranu Emmanuel Okwudili and Ojule John Dimkpa https:/ Magnitude of Anemia and Socio Demographic Factors Associated with it among Adults Age 1549 Years in Ethiopia A Population Based Study using the 2016 Demographic and Health Survey Data pKaleab Tesfaye Tegegnep https:/ RuralUrban Differential of Contraceptive Knowledge among Unmarried Womenin India pRaj Narayanp https:/ RuralUrban Differential of Contraceptive Knowledge among unmarried Women in India pNarayan Rajp https:/ Assessment of Unwanted Pregnancy and Associated Factors among Female Regular Students in Selected Governmental Preparatory High Schools Grade 11th12th in Bahir Dar City North West Ethiopia 2018 pGetachew Asmare Adellap