Giant malignant phyllode tumor of the breast : A rare case report

Phyllode tumors are rare breast tumors whose behaviour is difficult to predict due to their great anatomopathological heterogeneity. Their average size is about 4 cm at diagnosis and their treatment consists of a complete surgery with sufficient margins. We report the case of a rare clinical presentation of a giant phylloid tumor measuring 25 cm. This is a 37-year-old patient with no significant medical history who consulted after 2 years for a left breast mass. Microbiopsy revealed a mixed proliferation of epithelial and stromal tissue suggestive of a phyllode tumor. She had a left mastectomy. The anatomopathological examination found a 25 cm phyllode tumor of grade III. The resection was complete and the margins were not tumoral. Then she had conformational radiotherapy on the chest wall at a dose of 50 Gy. To date, the disease-free survival  of the patient has reached 16 months


S. Karrit, A. Zribi, S. Ben Nasr, J. Ayari, S. Fendri, M. Balti, A. Haddaoui

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