Commented Madness Project: Works about the Academical Vision of Concepts in Psychiatry and Mental Health

The present study is an experience report that analyzes the perception of the medical students of Unigranrio, Barra da Tijuca, regarding the performance of the psychiatrist, in the field of specialty practice in primary care and in the psychiatric emergency service, and in relation to the insertion of the non-teaching of medical education, as well as basic themes in mental health, highlighting the feelings about the contact and approach of the patient with mental disorders and self-perception of the medical student's mental health, allowing reflections on the problem of existing non-teaching doctor. It carried out an evaluation in order to bring contributions to mental health education, detecting the presence of erroneous concepts, stereotypes and perceptions related to the subject in the formation of the student, at the same time as it discussed the need of forms of intervention to overcome challenges that involve obstacles and methodologies of mental health teaching in the medical course. The project leads to reflections on teachers and students, the possibility of mobilization at improving the future formation of the doctor, in a view of the magnification and relevance of psychiatry teaching. The construction of the project made it possible to highlight a different perspective for insertion and expansion of mental health to medical students, and for analysis of the Psychiatric Reform process, as well as questions about the need for changes in the medical curriculum formation, about concepts, sensations, misconceptions, prejudices, fears and anxieties related to the care of the psychiatric patient.

Cely Carolyne Pontes Morcerf , Rafael Rodrigues Matias and Andrea Regina dos Santos Murga da Rocha

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