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The Effectiveness of PVP-I on Male Premature Ejaculation

Introduction: Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most prevalent sexual dysfunction in every country. There are many types of treatment, but the effect was not certain. Here, we introduce a new medicine on PE. Aim: To assess the effectiveness on PVP-I in treating premature ejaculation. Cases and Methods: 31 patients (27 ± 5 years old) suffering premature ejaculation were enrolled into three groups. For Group a, sertraline was adopted; for Group b, PVP-I was used; for Group c, sertraline and PVP-I were both taken. Results: In the contrast of the treatment groups, at 0.05, no statistical discrepancy exists among the groups before treatment, indicating that intra-group statistical discrepancy does not arise. While after treatment, statistical discrepancy emerges between Group a and Group c (t=2.375, P=0.030), showing that the group taking of the drugs may have better effect than the group adopting sertraline only; no statistical discrepancy exists between Group b and Group c (t=-0.197, P=0.845), indicating there does not exist discrepancy between the group taking both drugs and the group taking PVP-I only. Thus, it is predicted that, drug combination has an advantage over taking sertraline only, and achieves an effect close to that by taking PVP-I only. Conclusion: PVP-I separately can increase ILET of patients suffering premature ejaculation.


Song Bo, Sun Hongmei, Hou Zhenhui, Liu Qunlong and Qian Weiping

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