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Testicular Torsion in a 17 Year Old Boy: Role of School Health Education

Introduction: Testicular torsion if not promptly recognised and managed could lead to testicular loss. It is common in young boys, therefore such loss would be associated with adverse consequences for the rest of the life of the patient. Health education to enlighten the public on the need for prompt presentation is vital in its management to increase rate of testicular salvage. This case report highlights the importance of prompt diagnosis and management of testicular torsion. Observation: Presented was Mr AE a 17 year old student and only son of a widow who presented with thirty minutes history of right testicular pain. His mother wanted him to resort to self-medication but he insisted on going to the hospital based on advice of doctors during a school health programme a week earlier. He subsequently had right detorsion and orchidopexy and left orchidopexy on account of right testicular torsion. Conclusion: Testicular torsion is a urological emergency and if promptly recognised and managed would save the patient from serious problems associated with testicular compromise. Health education of all age groups including students on the need for prompt presentation to health facility will increase the rate of testicular salvage.


Tijani Idris Ahmad Oseni

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